We manufacture the upgrade parts both for full scale weapon system modernizations and to your own AK.

AK2.0 partsAK2.0 parts


Sight Rails

Sight rail for AK  based assault rifles with rear sight on the receiver cover. Fits RK62, RK95, Sako M92S, Galil etc.


Sight rail for AK assault rifles. Fits AK47, AKM, Norinco M56, AK74, Saiga, AK100 series etc.


 The sight rail attaches to AK's  receiver with a special receiver rail. Following models available:

  • AK milled: fits AK47, FEG, Arsenal, Valmet M62 etc.
  • AK stamped: fits AKM, Norinco M56S, AK100 etc.
  • Sako M92: fits Sako M92
  • RK95: fits RK95 (incl. screws)
  • Galil - only special order

 Installing Value Manufacturing AK Sight Rail System to a stamped steel receiver AK

 Stock Adapters

 Stock adapter for AK, SAKO 92S.


 Stock adapter for a stamped receiver AK.


 Stock adapter for a milled receiver AK.

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